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The Daily Report 3/10/2017

General Ahmad Al-Rahal: Assad's intelligence behind the bombing of al-Midan in Damascus.

Brigadier General Ahmad al-Rahal, a dissident from the regime’s forces, confirmed on Monday that the intelligence of the Syrian regime was the one who detonated the bombs that targeted al-Midan district police station in Damascus.

”It is necessary for Assad to send political messages with military tools, saying that he is being subjected to terrorism, and in return, the streets of Damascus, Homs, Jabla and Suwayda remain the scene of the Assad intelligence bombings,” Rahal said in a blog post on Facebook.


The opposition in Daraa sets conditions for the opening of the Naseeb crossing.

In a joint statement with the Shura Council of Nawa City, factions of the opposition working in the governorate of Daraa announced several conditions for opening the Naseeb border crossing with Jordan.

The statement called for finishing the file of prisoners through full release with international guarantees, for raising the flag of the Syrian revolution at the crossing, and for handling the full administration of the crossing by the Free Daraa Council.


Jawad Abu Hatab: 80% of the opposition supported the establishment of a national army.

The head of the Syrian interim government, Jawad Abu Hatab, said that 80% of the opposition factions agreed to the establishment of the Syrian National Army.

He pointed out that “all factions have a sense of the need to move from the work of the factions to working within one army for the future of Syria”.


The factions intend to hand over the management of border crossings in the north of Syria to the interim government .

The Deputy Commander-in-chief of the Syrian Interim Government, Col. aitham Al-Afisi, revealed meetings held by the government with the military factions in the area of the Euphrates Shield, with the aim of finalizing the reception of temporary management of border crossings north of Aleppo.

“All the factions supported the handover of the border crossings to the Syrian interim government, including al-Jabha al-Shamiyah,” Colonel al-Afisi said.


An Israeli study: Any settlement in Syria must ensure that Iran's influence does not remain.

Israel’s National Security Research Center issued on Monday a comprehensive study on the map of Israeli interests in Syria, stressing that any settlement in Syria must ensure that Iran and the Shiite forces are not allowed to maintain any political and military influence in Syria. The authors of the study stressed that Israel should not be satisfied with political and diplomatic activities in the face of the Iranian threat in Syria, urging Israel not to hesitate to use “military force wisely” to ensure that the Iranian plan to create regional reach from Tehran to Damascus, Baghdad and Beirut.


Moscow: Bogdanov Had Discussion with al-Jarba on the Syrian crisis Settlement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s envoy to the Middle East Mikhail Bogdanov discussed with Syrian opposition’s al-Ghad movement leader, Ahmed al-Jarba, the prospects for a political settlement in Syria, Russian media reported on Monday.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “Both sides discussed during the telephone call the situation in and around Syria, focusing on efforts to strengthen the de-escalation system, and prospects for moving the process of settling the Syrian crisis politically by the Syrians themselves in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254.”


Local Council in Besieged Eastern Ghouta Warns of ‘Humanitarian Disaster’.

The local council in the Marj area in eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus appealed to the United Nations and UNICEF to

provide food, medical and educational assistance to the displaced people inside the besieged area, warning of a humanitarian disaster.

The council said that the area of ​​Marj contains more than 29 towns and villages. It noted that out of the pre-war population of about 200,000, only 41,000 people still live in these towns and villages. The council stressed that attacks by the regime forces on the eastern parts of Marj have forced hundreds of families to leave their homes.


Rights Group: Russia Killed Thousands of Syrian Civilians & Displaced Millions More Since Sep 30, 2015.

Russia has killed over 5,000 Syrian civilians since the beginning of its direct military intervention in Syria in September 30,

2015 to prevent the overthrow of the Assad regime, a rights group said. It pointed out that the ongoing Russian bombing campaign on Syria also resulted in the displacement of millions of civilians as it targeted mainly health facilities and services centers.

In a report issued on Sunday, the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said that it had documented the death of 5,233 civilians, including 1,417 children and 886 women at the hands of Russian forces since September 30, 2015.



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