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The Daily Repot 23/10/2017

Rocket Shelling Kills a Child in Rural Damascus Despite Russian-sponsored Truce.

A child was killed and others were wounded in rocket shelling by regime forces on rural Damascus despite the Assad regime’s signing off on a Russian-sponsored ceasefire agreement covering the area.

Activists said that regime forces carried out rocket and artillery shelling on the district of Jobar in eastern Damascus as well as the towns of Ayn Tarma, Kafarbatna, and the outskirts of the town of Hawsh al-Dawahra in eastern Ghouta.

Local residents said that the shelling caused dozens of injuries among civilians and widespread destruction of buildings and infrastructure. Local council leaders said that Russia bears full responsibility for the attacks, stressing that it is obliged to “rein in the Assad regime and force it to cease hostilities in the area.”


Sources: Aleppo Will Return To Syrian Opposition (EXCLUSIVE).

Military sources told Qasioun News Agency that Syrian opposition forces could return back to seize Aleppo city.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the significant military and political updates proves that Syrian opposition could take control over Aleppo city, confirming that the “Territorial powers fighting in Deir Ezzor will sit on the negotiations table to talk about matters related with northern Syria”

The sources added “The Turkish forces entrance to northern Syria is good and will improve the situation in the region, and makes us in a race against time, especially in the northern and southern Aleppo countryside”, pointing that the matter are expected soon.


Raqqa’s liberation does not spell downfall of IS.

Raqqa’s liberation from IS (terrorist group, outlawed in Russia) marks a key victory in the war on terror, but does not mean that the terror group has collapsed, in addition the capture of the city by the Kurds exacerbates the situation, President of the Institute of Religion and Policy Alexander Ignatenko said in a conversation with TASS on Wednesday.

“Both yes and no,” he said, responding to a question on whether Raqqa’s liberation meant IS was defeated. “Yes, regarding the fact that Raqqa has fallen as the ‘caliphate’s’ capital. Now Raqqa is passing into the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). And no, when looking at the fact that Raqqa was just one among many vilayets that IS fanned out across the world.”


US-Led Coalition Launches Train and Equip Program for SDF Fighters in Raqqa.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is expected to maintain safety and security in the region after the operation to liberate the province from Daesh is accomplished.

The SDF security forces are under command of the Raqqa civil council and mostly comprised of Arabs originating from Raqqa, according to a Sputnik correspondent who visited a training camp in Ein Issa.

The training course takes 10 days and includes mastering weapons, handling skills, practicing actions in the event of unrest and clashes and searching for criminals. After the training is completed, SDF fighters are deployed to the liberated areas of Raqqa for their duties.


Haley: US Pushes for Extension of Syria Chemical Attacks Probe.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said Wednesday the United States is circulating a resolution that would extend by another year the work of inspectors seeking to determine who is behind chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

The US Mission to the United Nations sent reporters the brief final text of the resolution late Friday which would extend the mandate of the Joint Investigative Mechanism, known as the JIM, for another year. Russia, a close ally of the Assad regime, has hinted it would veto the US-proposed resolution if JIM blames any chemical attacks on the Assad regime.

The United States urged the UN Security Council to approve the continuation of these investigations prior to the release of the next official JIM’s report of their findings.

“This should not be controversial, but some Council members have decided to make it so. Basing the renewal on the contents of the next report, which the Russians would like to do, politicizes the process. We can’t work like that. We need to continue to investigate attacks, collect evidence and confirm when chemical agents were used, and then look at who was responsible so we can hold them accountable,” Haley added.


U.S. military says it has helped its allies capture Syria’s biggest oilfield.

U.S.-backed forces seized control of Syria’s biggest oil field on Sunday, accelerating a race with the Syrian government and its Russian and Iranian allies to take over the last major strongholds of the Islamic State in the east of the country.


Report suggests Qatar transferring ISIS militants from Iraq and Syria to Libya.

ISIS militants have allegedly begun to regroup in south Libya with Qatar’s help after the Gulf state was accused of transferring hundreds of fighters from Syria and Iraq to Libya, a UAE-based newspaper reported on Saturday.

Military sources told Alittihad newspaper that the move is an effort to turn the south into a hotbed for extremists after ISIS took severe blows in Syria and Iraq,

According to Libyan military officials speaking to the newspaper, ISIS fighters began to leave fighting areas through Turkey and are headed to Libya.


Russia's Putin says defeat of terror in Syria imminent.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he had all grounds to believe that Moscow, along with Damascus, would soon defeat terrorists in Syria.

He said that the Syrian peace process was developing in a positive way, though there were still problems. He said there was a proposal to hold a Congress of Syrian peoples, bringing together representatives of all ethnic groups in Syria.



Russia accused the U.S. of wiping the entire Syrian city of Raqqa “off the face of the earth,” on Sunday, according to multiple news sources and Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov who said that the U.S.-led coalition has effectively bombed Raqqa out of existence.

Konashenkov leveled other allegations that the U.S. is now trying to cover up its destruction of the city by “rushing to provide financial aid to Raqqa,” according to Reuters.

The years-long Syrian conflict has claimed the lives of an estimated 500,000 people, many of whom are civilians since the hostilities began back in 2011. The fighting has also created more than a million refugees, in what is now the worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century.


British Isis fighters in Syria must be killed in almost all cases.

The only way of dealing with British Isis fighters in Syria will be to kill them in almost every case, an international development minister has said.

Rory Stewart said converts to the terror group believed in an “extremely hateful doctrine”, saying fighters can expect to be killed given the threat they pose to British security.



Hezbollah’s executive council deputy head Sheikh Nabil Qaouk has called the routing of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Kirkuk by Iranian-backed Iraqi troops a victory by the resistance over the United States and Israel.

“Our victory in Kirkuk is a victory over the US and Israel and an answer to Trump’s threats to Iran,” Qaouk said on Sunday, during a religious ceremony in the southern Lebanese town of Bazouriyeh.

In besieged Syrian ‘de-escalation’ region, children dying of hunger as aid is reduced to trickle.

One-month-old Sahar, her ribs protruding under translucent skin, breathed her last on Sunday in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, where a crushing regime siege has pushed hundreds of children to the brink of starvation.

Only a trickle of humanitarian aid ever reaches this rebel-held region east of Damascus, under a tight blockade by Assad regime forces since 2013.

Eastern Ghouta is one of four “de-escalation zones” set up in May under a deal between backers of rival sides in Syria’s devastating six-year war.

But food supplies still rarely enter the region, where medical officials say hundreds of children are suffering acute malnutrition.


Shifting Narratives and War Crimes: NATO Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons against Syrian Civilians.

NATO terrorists use chemical weapons against innocent civilians as policy. This is well-documented. NATO used weaponized white phosphorous against civilians in Mosul, Iraq, for example, and NATO proxy ground troops who call themselves al Qaeda, al Nusra Front, Daesh, FSA, and a host of other names, also use chemical weapons against civilians. Chemical stocks, for example, were discovered in liberated Aleppo.

Despite the fact that the chemical weapons/Weapons of Mass Destruction meme was found to be as fake as the “incubator story” hatched by the Hill and Knowlton PR firm as a pretext for the illegal invasion of Iraq, projecting the chemical weapons lie onto target nations is still somewhat effective, given the success of MSM media to inoculate western consumers against the truth.

But the imperial CW narrative has now shifted because the West has now admitted1, somewhat inadvertently, that, yes “extremist groups” in Syria do use chemical weapons.


Defeating ISIS isn’t enough: Trump urgently needs a new Syria policy.

In Syria, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, millions of people remain displaced and countless souls are physically and psychologically scarred. Throngs of children are without families or homes, entire villages and farming communities no longer exist, and cities are in ruins.

Fallout from the seismic Syrian civil war and upheaval besets the Middle East. Aggressor regimes and extremist groups have capitalized upon the chaos and despair.

It will be very difficult at this late juncture to get America’s Syria policy right, but the moral and strategic stakes are too high to keep getting it wrong. Instead of slouching toward a fatally flawed paradigm, the Trump administration should conduct an urgent policy review, such as it did for North Korea and Iran.



The Syrian Foreign Affairs Ministry sent two letters to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday accusing Israel of faking an attack on its own territory following the IDF’s aerial attack on Syrian military positions in Quneitra on Saturday morning.

The Israeli military struck the Syrian targets in retaliation after five projectiles were launched at Israel from Syria, with three landing in an open area on the Golan Heights.

“Israel asked terrorists to launch projectiles at its own territory, so it could justify its own attack,” the letters to Guterres reportedly charged.

“This new Israeli aggression against the outskirts of Quneitra is a new chapter in the connection between the Israeli occupation and the armed terrorist organizations, and a desperate attempt to support those organizations,” the letter read in a blatant accusation but did not specify which terror groups Israel is allegedly collaborating with.


"Al-Kiam" Movement calls for the spectrum of the Syrian people to stand in the face of separatist parties.

The newly formed Al-Kiam movement, led by unidentified armed men, called on the Syrian people to stand against what they called “separatist parties” in reference to the militias of the Kurdish Protection Units (YPG).

The movement said in a video: “on behalf of our movement of Al-Kiam, we call on all the spectrums of the Syrian Arab , Kurds and Turkmen people to stand against the terrorist separatist and betraying parties and against all their projects; to keep Syria on all its components and unified in its people without the support of any outside party.


"We will regain control of the province of Raqqa", an official in the Syrian regime says.

“The province of Raqqa will return to the control of the Syrian regime.” Hilal Hilal, the Deputy Regonal secretary of the ruling Baath Socialist Party in Syria said.

Hilal statement came days after Syria’s Democratic militia declared control of the city of Raqqa as part of the decentralized democratic Syria.

Hilal said during a tour on the spread sites of the regime forces that the latter will regain control of the city of Raqqa, without specifying how to do this, whether through military confrontations or political agreements.


Is America Now Fighting on the Side of the Terrorists in Syria?

Thre are two international coalitions fighting against terrorist organisations in Syria and Iraq. One of them consists of Russia, Turkey and Iran, and the other one is made of a variety of actors under the leadership of the United States.

Technically, the two coalitions pursue at least one common goal: the destruction of the Islamic State terrorist organisation (banned in Russia). Like Russia, the USA considers the destruction of the terrorist organisation its first priority goal in Syria and Iraq, and Donald Trump outlined this goal clearly in the very beginning of his presidency.


Kremlin: Syria peoples' congress being "actively discussed".

A proposal to convene a congress of all Syria’s ethnic groups is a joint initiative which is being promoted by Russia and others and is now being actively discussed, the Kremlin said on Friday.

It is premature, however, to discuss the time and venue for the congress, which is seen as a mechanism to assist Syria’s post-war development, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters.

Putin mentioned the idea of holding such a congress at a forum with foreign scholars on Thursday.



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