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The Daily Report 4/10/2017

Syrians call for a day of Syrian anger in the entire world.

Syrian activists called for a day of Syrian anger on October 14 in all countries of the world, and in decision-making centers. Activists posted their calls through social media sites, aiming to draw the attention of the world to the Syrian tragedy, which witnessed massacres, genocide and mass displacement in the regions that rose against the Assad regime.


Local council in Duma: (de-escalation) in Al-Ghouta is a “dead letter” and a real disaster waiting for the region.

The local council of the city of Duma has criticized the “de-escalation” agreement, which Moscow said that had included the eastern Ghouta since July 22, considering that the agreement is only “a dead letter”, especially in light of the violence that has been taking place in the region for more than a week.


Putin calls on the parties to join the de-escalation agreement in Syria without conditions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Tuesday on all parties involved in the Syrian issue to join the recent agreement to de-escalation in the Kazakh capital Astana.

The Russian base of Hmeimim quoted Putin as saying “All those who sincerely wish to bring peace to Syria and its people and to the return of refugees to their homes must join and without preconditions to these operations under the auspices of the United Nations.”

He noted that this agreement created conditions for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2254 based on direct dialogue between the opposition and the Syrian regime.


Jordan waits for opposition to hand over Naseeb crossing in Dara’a.

Local media revealed on Tuesday that sources in the southern front pointed out that Jordan gave the factions in the province of Daraa 10 days to hand over the border crossing to the regime’s forces.

A source familiar with the negotiations between Jordan and the factions, told «Syria news» site that Jordan carried a message from an international party that gives the factions ten days or else it will coordinate with the regime to open another crossing with Jordan from the administrative border of the province of Swaida.



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