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Based on a belief in the elevated collective consciousness of the Syrian people, and a certainty that coexistence and participatory concepts are rooted in our history as Syrians, WIAM was formed for the promotion of peace, an initiative that calls on all Syrian elites to contribute to the design of Syrian project that ends the current conflict.


1- Enhancing communication with the Syrian people in all their beautiful diverse colors.

2-Understanding the problems facing these components and working to characterize the solution as much as possible through field and studies.

3-Focus on the project of local councils as a model for good governance and management of the people by themselves by following up their performance and benefiting from their experiences.

4-Disseminate participation and promote acceptance of the other through the transfer of positive aspects of each component to the other.

5-Contribute to the dissemination of political culture in a way that opens the door to the widest participation of the people in the governance and understanding of the challenges and opportunities.

6-Focus on the Syrian children and youth group and prepare them to build the future of Syria.



Openness to society and listening to the suggestions and complaints.


Respect the rights of employees within the organization and open the door as much as possible to participate in decision-making that achieves the goals of the organization according to its vision.


Clarity in the work of all administrative departments, especially financial ones, and creating an environment in which information about work decisions and conditions can be shared.

The initiative

Provide opportunities for staff and enable them to include their initiatives within the organization’s goals and vision.


Self-reliance and realization of the vision of the organization and not the vision of the donor or supporter.

Working as a team

The attempt to break the barriers of administrative routine and job description to reach the dedication to performance and adoption of the goals and vision of the organization.

WIAM Sections

Information Unit

Monitor and build a database to connect with community-based units and organizations and provide information about them

Research Department

Submit and update studies and questionnaires and statistics and issue periodic reports.

Media Department

Adaptation of media tools to provide meaningful content within the organization’s line of work, to achieve its vision and to pursue its objectives, taking into consideration the values of the organization.

Projects Office

Project analysis, their feasibility, strategies for future work, ways of sustainability and potential risks.